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‹ ۰ Psчcнo - Cαн ۰ ›

8 May 1991
About Me

Caroline. Brazilian, Almost 20 years old. RPG player. Fanfictions writer. Yaoi lover. You will not find something interesting at my journal. My fanfictions are in Portuguese, but someday I can try to translate them to English... I don't make nothing for other people, buut if someone like my graphics, I could try to make it for others... For now, if you want to add me. Go on... <3

I Like

GazettE, Versailles, Yaoi. Fanfictions. Tarja Turunen. J Rock & VK, Symphonic Metal, Melodic Metal. Evanescence. Wine. Yakissoba. My friends. Read and Write. REAL Vampires. MUSIC. Books. Japanese people. My koi. ♥

Don't Like

Sparkle vampires. Lies. Fake People. Green. A lot of things, but I forget now. Whatever, no one cares at the end...
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